Bike and Shoot 9.27.08

Well.  That was a hell of a second ‘half’ to the day. I biked all over Portland’s north east industrial area and St. John’s area. It was intense. The pictures start here.



I was seriously going to go to that club thing tonight, but now my legs are super tired.

I have to say, Cathedral Park under St.John’s Bridge was spectacular. I would’ve spent more time underneath, but I didn’t want to lose too much daylight. For my next adventure I will be ‘unanouncedly’ visting this place-

Awww yeahhh...

Portland Gasworks Building

Before I moved to Portland, I had been doing a little research on good places to go exploring and this gasworks building came up. I fell in love with it. Only one gaurd. I hear if you time it right, it is super easy to get in and out…Stoked!

Now time for some shower and relaxing time.