Bike and Shoot 9.28.08 + a movie review

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Hey there. Wading through my thoughts. I will start with yesterday. I decided that 30 miles wasn’t enough and decided to bike some more this past Sunday. This time I took the southern route as shown below.



All the photos start here. It was fun. I really like not riding with headphones on for a change. Just to hear the people and the wind and leaves. Really warmed me. If you know me, you know I talk to myself…a lot.

Moving on to the movie review I owe you. My girlfriend and I went to see Choke tonight. I remember reading it in about 6 hours in book form. Overall I strongly feel it was a good adaptation of the book. However, there were certain parts omitted from the book that I think would’ve made the movie a little stronger. Ie. the hovering sperm globs on the airplane scene. They also messed with the ending hard. It gave very little room for explaination for Denny’s wall, let alone the assemblage of ‘victims’ that Victor complies by his choking scam. It was very Hollywood in my opinion and not enough stank. Granted, the same rape of a book was done to Fight Club what with the omission of Jack’s mother’s fat spill out of the refrigerator or how in the book the two characters met at an empty nude beach when Tyler has finished making a natural clock that was only perfect for one minute. Tyler then says that a minute is all that you should expect of perfection. But you can only ask so much from one adaptation of a movie right?…?

I am looking forward to the next couple days of craziness at work. They might send me to Shanghai on my birthday which, contrary to how that sounds, would really suck. I was hoping to take those days off of work and possibly have my dad and come and visit.  All things happen for a reason and that reason is typically good.





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