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Fly freeeeebirrdd

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Freebird is blairing into my skull via headphones right now. Kinda nice chill morning today. Let me recap the People’s party first.

I left for Eric, Brett, and Keri’s house at about 645p Friday for the presidential debate gathering. I got a bit lost thanks to my lack of trust in the map system. I wound up getting there at about 710p. No worries though, I wound up listening to the first 1/3 on NPR on the way in. We were all huddled around the TV and the gang were all doing a drink everytime Barack looked over at Mccain or Mccain cordelled at some sny comment. I got wated on Perrier and veggie chips…ha!

After the debate we all retreated to the back yard with a fire, conversation, Keri’s drumming w/Eric’s interpretive dance, and also Eric’s amazing cheerleader skill(z).

I went home with a smile and passed out a little after midnight.

This morning I got up at 7a after a bit of noise from the kitty. (Stevie Wonder_sunshine of my life playing now) Fell back asleep for another 4 hours. After waking up a bit I got ready for the day, I did a little research on places for good breakfast. Beulahland located at 118 NE 28th did the trick. (Police_Every step you take) They screwed up my order but I didn’t care, I just wanted something in the tummy. 2 eggs scrambled, egg bacon spinach hash, english muffin, bagel and cream cheese…yumcakes. T’was nice. I then hunted down a mailbox and continued on. I went down by the train tracks, Columbia Art Supply, and through the local Sullivan’s Gulch neighborhood.

Now I’m at Urban Grind East-



Eating a big ass cookie, drinking IZZE blackberry and planning out the rest of my day. (Police_Roxanne) I am either going to keep biking till my legs fall off and eat a big bowl of fruit for dinner or go to a club per 2 posts ago.

The flickr pix from my day so far start here.

I’ll probably post again tonight to let you know how the rest of the day went. (Tears for Fears_Everybody wants to rule the world)




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