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Tonight’s mischieviousnesses

By September 25, 2008September 27th, 2008No Comments

Well, on my way down the block, I forgot the sd card for my camera so this post is pretty much lame; however, here is the synopsis:

  • Walked to MAX line
  • MAX’d to office.
  • Picked up bike
  • Biked all up over the NW industrial park…trespass x 4!
  • Biked all up over the SE industrial park…trespass x 2!
  • Ate huge ass sandwich at Produce Row (Cheese Plus and a couple Thomas Kemper Rootbeers)
  • Rode home and took a shower.
  • Blogged the whole way to sleepy time with Family Guy.

Well that was fun. I will remember my sd card tomorrow for “The People’s Party” with Code Brown.

G’night peoples.



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