This weekend



Well, this weekend was pretty uneventful. I walked to get coffee, played on the computer, drank some tea, and played some guitar. I think this a perfect way to preface the week. There are two major projects at work that have to get out the door this week and I am being stretched like taffy at a fat camp…(no offense). I hope I don’t suffer a stroke or a heart attack. Good thing is, I might be able to bail out of some of the work if the cards are moved right. We’ll see. I might go in early tomorrow just to get a jump on it.

Next on the agenda is to meet up with some fellow urban explorers tomorrow evening around 7 preceeded possibly with coffee w/ Jacqueline Bos at the Ace Hotel. We’ll see what happens. I hope the Urban ‘X’ thing happens. I haven’t been on a good exploration run in a looong time. As a matter of fact, the last serious adventure I went on was back in Pittsburgh, PA at the old Cork Factory…now condos…fuck you Pittsburgh for doing that to my baby.

With the last surviving hours of my weekend, I will more than likely fill it with left over Thai food from Thai Pod, internets, and lucid cuddles before sleepy times. I do actually look forward to my morning butt stripe from biking on the wet concrete sans rear fender. I really do wish I bought a new seat and fender already.

One note on Thai Pod-If you live in Portland, and feel there are too many Thai choices, you would be correct, and with that being said, why not scamper over to the north-east side of town at Broadway and 21st and peek in to say hello to my good friend Krit. I swear you will be happy to mouth-love the menu vernacular, interior dinings, and consistant quality of the food presented. I recommend either the mus-sman curry or penang curry. When you JUST want to stuff yourself with delicious authentic Thai cuisine.

Peace out!