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To sum up this weekend as well as this evening…I’m exhausted.

Friday night was, from what I remember, pretty relaxed…?

Saturday I got up and went to cre8camp at Souk in the NW. I met up with a co-worker during and we both absorbed what we could. (See previous entry for crappy notes).

In the evening I went to Junk to Funk. Lesa posted photos of the awesomeness here.

Today was pretty chill. I rode the bike to Fred Meyer’s to deposit some checks and got a coffee at Pete’s. I went home and worked on some freelance for a friend. I called up Krit at Thai Pod (the best Thai in Portland) and placed an order for take out. Lesa wasn’t feeling too hot so it was a dine in. We watched “Sunshine”. I must say it is my new favorite scifi movie.

Time to feed gliders and pass out for another exciting work week.




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