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Day 2 of Xmas in MI

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So to sum up where I left off yesterday-

After Kansas City, MO we had a bit of a delayon the runway as might be expected.

Finally airborn I rested my head and waited to get into Midway. We were told not to land as the runway was overbooked with air traffic. Finally we touched down and taxied to the gate after waiting 45 minutes. The reboard went pretty quick and I moved up a few rows to expedite my offboarding in Detroit. The plan was over loaded by 600 pounds initially. After repacking and rebalancing the plane, they got it down to 100 pounds over. So in a move of despiration they kicked some poor sap off to make it work. Jokingly, the service attendant said to the guy as he left the plane, “Lose a couple pounds, would ya?!”…he was not amused. Finally after all of the commotion we taxied to the runway and had to stop to de-ice. Finally ,after two and a half hours, we took flight. The flight was an eternal 35 minutes. As we were landing we again were asked to stay in a holding pattern above Detroit as the runway needed to be inspected. At this point after being full on peanuts, coffee, and Burger King, I was irate. We touched down, taxied to the gate for 10 minutes and I was off the plane…in Detroit…finally. It was 215am. The parents hired a driver to pick me up-Mustafa. He was a tall dark east African gentleman with a hat and a beautiful accent. He escorted me to the Metrocar. On the way to the parent’s house, we spoke about all subject ranging from the auto bailout to family and social values and the differences therein between American and Sudanese culture and the benefits and drawbacks of both. On the way, mid-sentence there was a truck backing up on the highway stuck in a trough of snow. We both watched as the two kids helped thier dad push the truck out. He laughed and said, “They need meta-vitamins!…Hahahah!” then continued talking about his culture and the State Department of African Affairs.

Finally as we roamed the late streets of Royal Oak. He dropped me off in the driveway and my dad, wearing his typical biker shirt, jeans, and cheeky grin, paid Mustafa and he was on his way. We went up to the loft. As we were standing talking about Mustafa’s sense of humor, my dad noticed that the car was stuck. I dashed down with shovel in hand and we dug his car out and he was indeed on his way. 330am…19.5 hours of travel later…I fell asleep spooning the couch.

My circadian rhythm was still set to Portland time. The doorbell rang at 5am…Portland time. The water department of Royal Oak said that in 24 hours the house had racked up a $100 bill. They were concerned that a  pipe had cracked. All I could think was that it was 5am and I was only 5 hours of sleep into my slumber and this guy’s beard was piecing my sense of decency. I told him the owners of the property was asleep and we would deal with it later. He didn’t understand my dismissive nature and tried convincing me out of my comfortable heated shelter…I was not to be fooled and closed the door.

Later when people woke up I made everyone aware of the water “situation” and it was calmly put aside for a day when the water department would actually pick up thier phones. After a while, Pete and Megan came over (family friends). We laughed and talked and Starbucks was drank while groceries were unloaded from the car. I then requested to go to the Royal Rent-a-Car to pick up a Focus. The gauge cluster in that car is way over designed in my opinion. YOU HEAR ME ERNEST BREECH!? Respect!

I picked up the car and ventured around old neighborhoods, had lunch in old stomping grounds (Andary’s Grill formerly Kay’s Kitchen at 9 1/2 and Gratiot), braved Toys R Us and Barnes and Nobel, and took aim to try and find some gifts at The Road Show with little sucess. I drove back to the house.

When I got in I found Dad, Zack, and neighbor Don frantically shoveling snow away from the house. The seal had broken around the structure and water was pouring into the basement. We stopped the waterfall about an hour later and my shoulders still hurt. Afterward we cleaned up and prepared for dinner at Nippon Grill which was forementioned in a previous blog. In short great sushi. We came home and now I sit with coffee in hand and laptop in lap. Typing. I think tonight and tomorrow with be pretty low profile. I hope to wrap my gift cards I purchased and enjoy the family time.

I will more than likely update again tomorrow.





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