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Yeah that’s from Wargames.

So I thought I would do a structured blog today. I’ve been thinking a lot about inspiration lately. Where it comes from, who knows how to wrangle it, what are my ‘pilot lights’?

I decided that most if not all of where my initial thinking comes from is my eternal desire to play. Tracking back to my childhood from age 0-10 I was an only child. I wasn’t very popular. What I lacked in friends, I made up for with toys, games, and imagination.

I felt it was then appropriate to itemize my top five favorite toys to show them a bit of respect.

#5 Building Egg-crate Thing-

So I know this isn’t a great leaping off point. However, I don’t know what they were called but essentially they were 1/8″ acrylic panels that were different transluscent colors. I remember the amber colored one in particular. I also remember one of the first senses of hostility towards my mother for selling this at a garage sale. The panels would egg-crate together to build abstract shapes. I think this was probably the first toy that instilled a sense of architecture in my head.

#4 Crossbows and Catapults

The object of the game is to build a wall of plastic bricks to protect your fort, then alternate turns shooting the walls down using crossbows and plastic discs, or by lobbing discs over the wall with the catapult.

I think this further enhanced my ability to problem solve as I had no-one to play it with, I would make mega castles and then figure out the most efficient way to destroy the building.

#3 Speak and Spell

Okay, I know this one is a bit cliche, but I honestly wouldn’t be able to speak or speel as well as I can now…;)

In case you were in a hole in the mid to late 80’s-

#2 Merlin the Electronic Wizard

This one may be a little niche. Merlin the Electronic Wizard was sort of a prototype for the cellphone. Only it played games instead of drunk dialing. You could play games such as-

  1. Tic Tac Toe
  2. Music Machine
  3. Echo, a game similar to Simon
  4. Blackjack 13
  5. Magic Square, a pattern game similar to Lights Out
  6. Mindbender, a game similar to Mastermind
A toy to love.

A toy to love.

The other day while pondering this blog, I came across a gold plated Merlin. It was very tempting.



I am almost wondering if the design cue was taken from the original Cylon design from Battle Star Galactica?

That brings us to my #1 toy of my childhood-

Mister Machine, holy crap.

I believe the version I had was a reproduction or something, it didn’t have the bell, nor the brake in the back. You’d wind him up, and he would choo-choo all around the room.

The plastic had sort of smoked over with age and the screw nose would always come undone (by yours truly). It was really a toy that brought me joy all the way until I moved out of my house. It is still at the old house in a toybox somewhere. Maybe one day I will pick it up and it will inspire me some more.




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