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By December 23, 2008June 6th, 2009One Comment

From Missouri.

Day so far:

Woke up at 530a. Took blue line to gateway. Transferred to Shuttle to airport. Realized my tickets for my flight were on my desk at work. Stood in check-in line for 2 hours. Made it to my gate to find a delayed flight. Flew in to Missouri at 405p. Flight from here to Chicago to Detroit delayed 2 hours. This placed is packed with volatile personalities and gross Burgerking. Hope no more delays occur. Should get in to the Rent’s house at 130a via Metrocar service…spaghetti lord willing.

Some poor souls.

Some poor souls.

I am looking forward to going home for a few days. I know I was just there, but any moment with them is priceless to me. Besides that, Lesa is in Phoenix, so I’ve been a little lonely lately. It has been nice to take over the bed…8)

Ciao for now…




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