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January is officially 2/3’s over. That is 19 days just about done. Usually, around this time of year, I make sure to do two things. 1. I take my W-2’s and file my taxes…just so I won’t have to hussle up and kill myself trying to get them done in a pinch. I am still waiting for my company to submit them so I can get that over with. 2. I always assess the year and figure out what I want to accomplish with myself and my life for the year; assuming it fits in with my 5 year plan. It would seem that one of these is sort of out of my hands as I wait for the paperwork to come to me. The latter of the two has been sitting untouched however.

This is the first year in four that I have two important things going for me. A-No consumer debt. B-A solid carreer foundation. With that, I almost feel like I should spend my year with my head down in the grass as to not have it chopped off my some corporate axe. A few variables are playing into the plans that I still need to figure out a work around for. Lesa and myself will not have a roommate come Feb. 1. Payraises and promotions have been frozen until June…”tentatively”. I need to decide where I want my professional life to go for the next few years. Up? Laterally? Down? All of these things digested, I will have some desicions to make per where and how my money is spent. I like challenges like this though. It really gets me geeked when these sorts of hurdles are put in front of me; I usually have to make my own…8)

So with that, I hope to have a better grasp on my portfolio this year, a better grasp of my personal possesions and how to rid myself of some of them, and more than anything else- a continued sense of self worth, motivation, and a roof over my head.

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