The things we do for love.

Yesterday I flew in to Phoenix, AZ. A place I vowed never to step foot in again. For those of you who don’t know, I lived in PHX for about 3 years after Pittsburgh. I moved down here to escape demons, discover myself, and take a sabbatical from my overdosing of college.

So far, so good. Lesa and I are down here for a wedding. Her dad is remarrying and we were invited. A few days before we received the wedding invite, we were talking about how I wouldn’t ever come back with her even for weddings or funerals…but then I caved in a little and told her I’d come back for weddings. Way to shove it in my face universe!

We are staying with her mom in Union Hills. I woke up this morning with that old familiar dry mouth and dry everything feel. It was strangely comforting. I respect the desert but despise the pointed personality of it.

We leave tomorrow in the evening. I hope to bump into a couple people here and there, but more-so just look forward to flying back and going back to my safe spot of Portland. I miss my hippies.

It is nice to see her family though. They are good people. I am trying to get an outsider sense of how the siblings are taking it. I remember when my dad invited me to be his best man at his wedding a few years ago. It was strange to see a person you’ve see with someone else for the vast majority of your life be swoon to another. I am glad he did it though. It was seriously the first thing I have ever¬† seen him do for himself. Priscilla is a good, strong, and smart woman; mucho respecto.

Almost time for the wedding. 3 hours and counting before we have to be at the location. I will more than likely just chill out here at her mom’s house before shoving off to sit and watch the weddingness.

More later. Also more on Christmas (but I need my other machine for that as that is where the photos are …8P)




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