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Cre8Camp PDX 3

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Here are my Cre8Camp notes from today’s unconference. For those of you who are unaware, Cre8Camp is an “unconference” for creative industry professionals that is an open format discussion summit. Topics are suggested, voted upon, and then put into a time/location grid. This is my 3rd Cre8Camp that I have attended and can honestly say that it just keeps getting better and better!

Thanks IDL for sending me again and also thanks to Jeff and Alisa Brummer, Kevin Rucier, and Amanda Sheibel for coming out and joining in the fun!

You can read more about Cre8Camp at

Cre8camp notes-

NW-10a-1115a  |  1125a-12p  |  100p-145p  |  2p-245P
Future of media  | copyright | Getting unstuck  |  Milk bath

SW-10a-1115a  |  1125a-12p  |  100p-145p  |  2p-245P
Design for media  | Client Management | SEO  |  Emerging trends

MAIN-10a-1115a  |  1125a-12p  |  100p-145p  |  2p-245P
OCI  |  Marketing Self  |  Fees/howto  |  balancing design and business

PANEL-10a-1115a  |  1125a-12p  |  100p-145p  |  2p-245P
Building bridges | cre8tive for bottom line  | web2/semantic web  |  Design on a budget

Those might not be in perfect order, but I will lock into the ones I attend(ed).

OCI-Oregon Creative Industries-

how do we fund this. what is our signature.

Synergy w/sustainability
cre8consulting for bib leadership

Geography isn’t the issue–visibility is.
How do we create that visibility.

Talent sourcing.

Promote the event cluster.
organized or agonized…

culture differences between freelance-hired creatives.

Client Management-

consulting v. freelance-
separating ego,emotion, self worth.
partner | being someones friend
respecting those invisible boundries-semipermeable membrane.
Standardize the  process | make client do the work create empowerment.
we sell sleep/we love our customers…literally.
problems arise-don’t tell client unless you have at least 3 solutions.

Getting Unstuck
What are your techniques?
creative ritual?
writing burn off
change environment
loss of momentum-how to re-swing?
taking something overwhelming-digesting small chunks at a time.
there is a need for a container for partial control Ie-creative director
too much information can be a good or bad thing depending on the context.
#cre8camp sometimes brute force can unstick a problem
analogy of the wall…glasses, burn off, walk around, climb, bulldoze
let the problem solve it

The Milk Bath

Decompression techniques.
Angela Reat-

swiffer the whole house
home-office is bad blend
reallocation of time
structure off time
need people to bounce things off of.
if you want monkeys in your zoo you need a place where they can play.
“im the monkey, and I am leaving the zoo”
try social outfitting human resonance
feeling your own existence–no one is going to die because of the outcome.
there are 2 points of balance; moment to moment and end of day.
move to italy
turn off the ding
create a personal queue
control the controllable to create your own personal management system.
eliminate fear factors-
respect time frames
fight for the work time v. fighting for free time.

What a great time! It was awesome meeting all of you and I look forward to our next meeting!




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