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Vegas, a party, a wedding, long night…the G rated version.

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What a crazy week.

Sunday I flew to Las Vegas for Global Shop 2009. Global Shop is is the largest store design and at-retail marketing show in the United States. Every year my company enters designs and executions that we have worked on and always seem to take home some gold and silver awards. It was a great experience, however the bosses say that there was about 50% less attendance this year.

After the show, we had a party at the G-Suite in the Palms resort. I have to hand it to one Dave Dyer for his expert party planning and execution. It was a lot of fun to mingle with Wong Doody, American Greetings, New Store Europe, Sprint, and a few other partners. I think my favorite part was the custom ice bar with our Crack logo embedded into it. The food was tasty and the night was fun. The party wrapped up at about 1:00am but little did I know that the evening had just begun. The IDL caravan wound up taking a limo to Planet Hollywood on the strip where we then walked over to Bill’s Casino and I watched a very “fun” game of Let it Ride consume the next 2 hours of my night. Educational to say the least. Afterward, we walked back over to Planet Hollywood where I again watched my coworkers play blackjack. At about 4:30am the president Dave Ball and myself shared a cab back to Mandalay Bay and I hit my second wind.  I went up to my room, changed my shirt and headed back down for some late night/early morning breakfast at Raffles Cafe. I can’t say I enjoy the eggs there as they are way too buttery for my palette to handle.

I had to be up the next morning for my flight back to Portland, so I crashed at about 6:15am and tried to stay as lucid as possible until I left for LAS at eight. I was exhausted and was pleased to hear there were cheap first class upgrades available. I wouldn’t have been able to sleep otherwise.

When I got into town, I had a meeting with Sara Garrett from Motive Space on the Cube Space PDX signage opportunity followed by a meeting with Katherine Ball with SEA gallery discussing an exhibit that was happening next week. The deadline was yesterday and I think I may have let down Sara. Unfortunately this was a very tight and short notice exhibit and I hadn’t had any planning time to make it work right. Perhaps next time.

Wednesday, it was work as usual with minimal interruptions. I had a moment to prepare for the wedding I would be doing the following day for Keri and Brett. You can see the pictures that @lesamonster took here.

Friday night, I was invited out to see the Babysitters but had to pass as I was still beat and needed a little R&R. I wound up employing the DLC for Fallout 3 and playing through it till 4:15am. Bethesda, don’t listen to those douches on your forum, The Pitt was awesome and fun. I can’t wait for the next expansion!

Yesterday was a catch-up-on-90210-day. We are finished with season 3. I have a better understanding of why I was so unpopular in high school. It is funny how a single click influences the tribulations of the rest of the senior class…thank god I was “goth”. In the night time, we went to Interstate Bowl for a little greasy food/bowling/pool for our friend’s celebration of her 40th birthday. Afterward,I watched a bit of SNL and passed out. Today is going to be a sloth Sunday, followed by clean-my-desk-evening.

I need to take my bike to the shop as spring is here!



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