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A horizon and a book review

By April 22, 2009No Comments


1. Finished up financial outlook for 3 year plan. Outlook decent.

2. I bought myself a Nike+ sensor for my iPod. Now, I need to buy myself some shoes that can receive the sensor. Looking at the price points, it is looking like a purchase that will occur in May. That won’t stop me from my running though.

3.In reference to #2, I have looked over my bike and decided that it has another summer of moderate riding in it before I will need to take it over to the bike shop for repair. With that, I have decided that I am going to start running. This past weekend, I ran my first mile in 15 years; be it 12 minutes, not bad considering I am about 40 pounds heavier than I was in 9th grade. My best (and only) in high school was 6’12”. My goal is by August to be able to run 3 miles in 20 minutes. I think this is a very obtainable goal and look forward to its fruition.

4. Today I had a talk with one Jamie Hurd, department director of industrial design, over at the Art Institute of Portland. Presuming that I don’t have too tarnished an academic and professional record, I will begin teaching in about 7 weeks! I am very excited as I have always wanted a shot at teaching. Combine that with 40 hours unpaid before the end of Q4, and I have the perfect financial bondo in place for the rest of my personal fiscal year.

5. I FINALLY got around to buying Cosmic Motors by Daniel Simon today before my meeting w/Jamie. That man is incredible. I say with no sense of negativity that I honestly envy that man’s uninhibited ability to visually joust profound and land with solid justification and understanding of mechanisms and dreamscapings. Kudos Mr. Simon. I am serious when I say he has taken Doug Chiang’s spot for my favorite visualizer. Place zero, of course, is permanently Syd Mead…but that goes without saying doesn’t in Mr. Godfather of modern concept art?…8)

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