Wasn’t so good for Christo…but hey squeaky wheel gets the grease.

So there has been a lot of metaphysical aggregation going on around me lately. It all started a couple weeks ago while chatting up about life and death. Mortality thoughts raging around. Kinda depressing, but that’s that. It then boiled down to creation of art/thoughts and ideas. This is all accompanied by my slugging through Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance. Then I meet this awesome dude named Glyn from the other side of the pond and we get talking on astral projection, lucid dreams, all that gooey stuff.

Yesterday¬† I spent the better half of yesterday on some awesome Japanese modern art blogs looking for inspiration on a Starbucks project that I’m working on. As anything else at extended exposure, the creativity really embedded in my head. Now I am itching to do some cool photography/video art. I sometimes think to myself, “Why try? There is so much freaking cool stuff out there!” …I realise that this is sort of a glass half empty type of attitude. I am now thinking about that is exactly why a person should create. Brick and mortar baby. It’s all about damascus type evolution. Sure eventually your stuff may be obsolete, but you helped inspire the next. So special thanks to any one’s stuff I have seen as it is acting as a never ending always growing launch pad for me and everyone else to become inspired and higher. Like pulling a perfect game of Barrel of Monkeys!

Also thank you to Roy Tanck for his wp-cumulus tag cloud plug-in. I love it!





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