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An Evening with Sarah…

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I like Sarah McLachlan.

There, I said it. As a matter of fact, she sang to me for an hour tonight while I was on one of my evening bike rides around the city.

Tonight, I rode my typical route of through the industrial south east Portland, through the intoxicating turf of Tazo and Burnside Skate park, around past the east esplanade, across the Steel Bridge, along the west bank, across the Hawthorne Bridge and back through Tazo land and the south east neighborhoods. It is a very pretty and relaxing ride. I’d also say that it is my favorite summer think-path.

Lesa’s birthday from what I can estimate was pretty well done. We went to the bountiful and delicious Nuestra Cocina on SE Division and 22. with our friends Brett and Keri. I had pork chops in a mole and a wonderfully fragrant and tender rock fish ceviche. No wait, good parking, great food.

Work today was filled with design and tender kickass. I bought some new moleskine as my old ones are coming to the end of their capacity. Some new Zebra F-301 fine point pens. An amazing ‘Mayan’ milkshake from Moonstruck Chocolates danced in my mouth before killing me with its lactose.

I downloaded Point Lookout DLC for Fallout 3 (XBOX 360). It is a little glitchy in the graphics and audio, but so far I really like it. It has sort of a Deliverance meets Mad Max: Beyond Thunder-dome feel and is a little more challenging that I expected it to be. Good thing I have some big guns…oh and hey, what the hell are those feral ghoul reavers throwing at me?…irradiated poop?? Damn it. I like it…not the poop, just the DLC. Good work Bethesda.

In other news, my wonderful step mom and step brother paid me a visit this past weekend. Holy cow, we ate a lot of food. Bijou, Lincoln Restaurant, Saint Cupcake, Cacao, Meiji En, Traveler’s Cafe…whoa. Total foodie touring, what a past time. It was really great to see them; I’m hoping they come back real soon for more Rose Garden huffing and laughs and food.

I think my drawing is reaching a plateau. I think with all of the other work in the office that is going on, I’ve really been slacking off with having time to doodle, sketch, and hand render my solutions. The positive side is I finally discovered that I can turn on symmetry in Rhino! Why I didn’t know this before is beyond me. I’ve had some fun just pulling points on surfaces and making weird organic nothings:

An organic nothing...or a coccyx?

An organic nothing...or a coccyx?

Seeing as Comcast sucks a big swollen infected hairy set of labial scars and turned off  31-72, that means no more Adult Swim for me…8( but at least Lesa can now go to bed without hearing the Family Guy theme from 11p-12a. I guess I’ll dive back into the swamp at Point Lookout now and finish a quest I am doing.

Cheers friends.




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