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I really feel like this weekend wasn’t anything more than a moment to catch my breath. I actually think of this as a good thing. Keeping pace is something that I’ve started to romance lately. My legs are soggy from running today. I made a candy cane-shaped path around the parks that are around 42nd and whatever st. around the house. I ran until I couldn’t; which just happened to be right when I got home. Shower was magic. I got called into the office for a little fire drill. All’s well now. I was a little irritated when it happened, but I think it was due mainly to my lack of caffeine and protein. I certainly hope certain senior national account managers understand that it wasn’t their fault that I was in such a horrible mood…;)

I rode through the Rose Festival craziness before heading home, hopped on the computer for a bit, found some relaxy time, and then Lesa came and hugged my face while I sat in the computer chair. It was very comforting. We decided to walk down to SE Grand and SE Stark area. It was a nice breezy day. By the time we walked home,  I felt like a van with four flat tires and no gas. I made us some yummy mashed potatos and watched Ali G…(horrible horrible horrible). Sacha Cohen is brilliant though. I think I was just in the wrong mood for the type of humor that was displayed.

Alright, enough yapping. Time to feed the sugar gliders and hit the hay. I’ve got some more renders for SBUX to do as well as some more adventures in Nike land.

Sweet dreams!



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