Verbal Cocktail

A Wednesday evening; filled with guns, fruit, and jazz…

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Recently, I’ve been working through Army of Two by EA games. I really enjoyed it. I love working towards gamer points on xbox live. (Only bragging points…no real value). You obtain them by accomplishing benchmarks in games. Fun stuff. Tonight, my friend Randall and I finished up the game and I got a few dozen or so. That’s fun.

I’m wrapping up the night with a dinner of cherries, grapes, an apple and some internet radio jazz. How wonderful.

These last couple days were pretty rough as I worked through some highly aggressive deliverables. Mainly a presentation for one of our private clients which had around 100 or so concepts/resolution ideations/construction ideas, and composites. Pretty impressive amount of work for just a couple days worth of work. The company website is supposed to launch again on Friday. []

I produced just about 0 renderings tonight as I was hoping to have a few done. Just for practice, so I guess it is okay. Sarah Vaughn to Frank Sinatra…that’s some good stuff on right now. I think I have permanent nerve damage in my right hand. The palm is really sore, and I feel a weird lump. I’m sure its nothing more than some mobile wrist bone or something…nothing to worry about.

Recently I posted an ad on craigslist for a platonic m4m and m4w to see what sort of responses I’d get. Some nice people, some creepy no gooders too. It is nice to know if I need the strangers’ ears, they are there to chat me up, or hit on me. That’s fine too. I take it as flattery. I’m updating my drawing set over on flickr. Check it out and leave me some good ju-ju.

Good night peeps.




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