NCU 1020

The thought struck me to start drawing, designing, modeling, and eventually rendering robots. I am working on a set of deconstruction robots through a fake company called Ebag Co.

The reoccurring theme throughout the designs is that the machines are used for reclaiming raw materials.

First one up is the NCU 1020. NCU (Nimble Construction Unit) Model 1020-Used for purifying construction materials back into a liquid raw state. This is then taken back by a RMT (Raw Material Transporter) 200 back to forges and refineries for re-manufacturing of new components for other construction sites.

NCU 1020

NCU 1020

About the render-

Took a few panoramic shots of some of the SE industrial areas of town. Looked for a good spot to set up. After some sketching, I modeled up the robot frame and shells; adding a few prebuilt components for extra detail. Using an environment map of the area that I photographed, the render was composite  into the scene in Photoshop. Including the site photography, the whole project took about 10 solid work hours + sketching time. Not bad.

Next up will be the nano-bot dispenser and gelatin exploration. Stay tuned.