Verbal Cocktail


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Today I slept in until 11:45a. A little later than I’d like, but it was nice to just get some solid sleep. This morning Lesa and I went to Genie’s for breakfast. I had the veggie scramble with potatoes O’Brien. That hit the spot.

I discovered Emily Wells this weekend. Holy crap what a crazy ass voice! Beth Gibbons meets Björk meets Esthero. *whew*
Symphony 1-In the Barrel of a Gun is just fantastic. Humanly dynamic with absolutely zero ego. She strikes me as someone that moved from some armpit of a neighborhood like Bloomfield, Pittsburgh, PA and just kicked ass the whole way. My dream set would be her, Radiohead, Yoav, Esthero, Portishead, and Dawn Mitchell featuring Missile Command at either some super small coffee house or a big open field in the rain. When I saw Radiohead in Seattle last year it rained as I was on the hill. It was perfect to Talk Show Host.

I want to paint. It has been a while. Soon.





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