Stew | Portfolio Page Update

By August 23, 2009No Comments

Well, I finally had a moment to compile a semi-descent cross section of the work I’ve been doing over the past couple years. I am only showing the ends. After I finish the final portfolio, I will include the means. you can check out the full thing here. The viewer is made by Simple Viewer ; A company that specializes in flash based galleries. The version I am using is a free “Autoviewer”. The pro version offers up some sweet stuff, but way more than I need in a temporary gallery.  I recommend them for sure! Although…

My ‘final’ portfolio page will act more like the time-line over at BBC. (X) Minus a lot of the bells and whistles. I can’t wait to talk with the Grand Flash Master iLan about this and make it all come together.

In the meantime this will do. I know I might be asked to take down some of the images, but its all gravy for now.





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