Processing Jumpin’ heads.

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I by no means am claiming that I have any full cognition of what I am doing, but taking the hack and paste approach, I am starting to get somewhere.  So after learning about the import library function, I’ve downloaded the Sonia_v2_9 library. With a few examples on the website, I was able to combine a couple sketches together to start things off.

I started with the liveInput sample sketch, and modified the number of frequency channels I need from 256 to 512. I then changed the stroke thickness to 3 and made it white on black. Nice and boring like.

The other sample sketch provided on the site is a simple record/playback function. So taking an external audio source (in this case the mic in) I am able to record (I have it set at 120 seconds) and play it back when I perform a mouseRelease function.

Running the liveInput and liveSample sketches from simultaneously to make a live record/playback/visualize function from a mic in source. Next is to export the data to a point cloud or assign some x,y,z coordinates.

A-itunes plays the music.
B-Sketch running captures and can play back the audio. (again i DIDN’T write this code, just copied and pasted into 1 sketch.) I wanted to see if I understood the general hierarchy of the command list. So far so good.
C-D-The processing window…waiting to give my a strip of red error. HA!

Yeah, well, there’s a way to go. But, quite honestly, I’m pretty proud of my absorption rate thus far.




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