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Well, I must say I knew that learning how to code from pretty much scratch wasn’t going to be easy. However, when I downloaded Processing from The tutorials on the site are pretty generous and informative. It seems as though there is a really supportive community of designers, interactive specialists, artists, and makers of all sorts. I am liking my experience so far.

The first ‘Hello World’ tutorial I did came out as expected. (below)

It is a simple draw() function that redraws from 0,0 as the program recycles. I could revise the background() command into the draw() block to have it be just a simple line that follows the mouse, but to be completely honest, I’m in a rush to be interesting with this. 8)

I have to give yet another shout out to Robert Hodgin for his amazing projects and inspiration to take this on. As I know he is a busy guy heading up ,with Bill Lindmeier, Tbe Barbarian Group , any of the communication he was able to give me was priceless. Good people.

Anywhos, I feel like an outsider coming into this stuff. My talent lies in stating commands through direct physical representation of my intents. What I am trying to tackle is very much a metadata session. Equate it to a scientist turning into a philosopher. I think I am going to get much more than an application that generates surface out of this. Moreover, I will get a great learning experience out of it as well.

Here’s to being autodidactic.




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