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Program functionality exploration 2

Program functionality exploration 2

Another illustration showing my thoughts on how the program would extrapolate a surface from the audio data.

1-Program records and plots coordinates from the audio.

2.The equalizer dictates the ‘x’ point count and the the time resolution (say 1 sample per second, per 1/10th of a second, per 1/100th of a second dictates the ‘y’ point resolution.

3. Curves are extrapolated from the point data and a degree curve is followed. In this case, the input value was a 3 degree curve. I think a value of 2 would perform a little more stiff and accurate.

4. The curves are lofted in the direction of the generation. (first to last);which is also dictated by time the sample was taken.

5. At this point the surface is ready to be exported and manipulated. Preferably as a STEP, IGES, or OBJ. Even though a point cloud would be best, I’d like the program to have the function to be able to export.

6. I created a 20 x 20 point array on the surface and offset another using the _ptGridSurfaceUV command and _ptOffsetPoints command.

7. Just for concept illustration sake, I then created a Pyramid1 paneling just to show how such a seemingly arbitrary surface could be used for architecture.

*Note-The song I sampled for this was The Last Man from The Fountain score.

Clint Mansell, you hold a special place in my heart.



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