Project Synethesia | Making headway

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Great deal of progress today.

Finally was able to figure out how to take the audio data and create a single “frame” of DXF export data.

A-Input data through line in (Speaker to mic for this example).

B-Processing sketch analysis of data. Press R to record a dxf of the current frame.

C-Imported frame in E-Drawings.

Next steps:

-Compile the stream and record as one constant DXF file. (I was able to set it to record a DXF for as long as my ‘R’ key was pressed, but it was in the format of ‘Output-###.dxf’ and wound up giving me hundred of dxf files for either frame. I suppose I could import each frame to Rhino using the import function, but it would take forever considering the amount of data this stream generates.

I’d like to limit the sample to around 10 fps as any bigger than that will generate a hell of a large mesh.

-With each step, I need to create a Z++ type step so the next frame is created on the z=0 frame and the previous step back in space +1. I have no idea how to start that. but I’m sure I can figure it out.

-One other thing I’d like to do is be able to reverse the export as when I export the data out, it flips on the x-axis. Small detail. I tried giving -negative values to the input code, but that just wound up giving me faulty INT data.

Not bad for around only 8 hours of learning!

When this is done I will be sure to post a link to the exe file.




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