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By September 1, 2009No Comments

Well I am now able to plot the points through the Z axis! Sweet.

Some may argue that the points are too erratic to be used, however, this is nothing that I can’t take care of in Rhino with a Scale1D function. Alls good.

So now all that is left is to get the current frame and all those preceding to export into the DXF file. For some reason I have a hunch it has to do with the background() call and where it is located in the script. I messed with the colors so you can see depth a bit. I really would love it if the spectrum dictated the stroke color as it gets higher, but one thing at a time.

Next up is the frame export, but beyond that, I’d also really like to know how to create the surface w/in the processing environment all at one. hmmm…suggestions?

The only bad part is now I am obsessing about code. Really interesting possibilities. I tweeted(@sirgabe)  today about a person(s) that is selling laser cut jewelry that is generated dynamically through a processing function. Really pretty stuff. You can see it here.




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