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Topics I’d love to discuss but won’t-District 9, Processing, Project Synesthesia

Today after work, I went back to An Sen Clinic for another session with Emily. I bought a 2 hour session. It is nice to trust a stranger to not only put their hands all over you, but be okay with it when it feels like they are ripping the muscles out of your body to wring them out and put them back in. At one point she looked at me with a smirk and shrugged, “The truth hurts.” Ha! I suppose this is my version of therapy. I expressed my enjoyment of the sensation of being lucid and feeling like I am in a room that is sort of floating above Portland while she rolled out a knot or 4 in my legs. I really recommend if you are ever coming to Portland to make an appointment, ask for Emily, and tell her to hurt you. I feel much better. She was right; a 2 hour session will leave you feeling much better. I walked my bike home in a light rain while I was high from the experience. I developed an expected light headache, drank some water and watched a few shows from season 2 of This American Life. What a nice way to end the week.

At work, I’ve been pretty busy starting up on the LeBron VII work-Training Kit for the Ekins, talk of other elements. Meanwhile lobbing designs back to the account managers for Team Hoops shoe glorifiers and TaylorMade interactive kiosks.

I’ve been trying lately to make some friends outside of work as I mentioned a few blogs back. It seems like all of the staple people that I would hang out with when Brett and Keri were here sort of dissolved back into the population of people that make up the city. Kinda sad, but I suppose when there are only a few common threads, the line may snap. Lesa and I are well. We seem to be getting along a little better than usual. I think it is a cross between more engagement in the relationship and the continued lack of Brenda Walsh in the Walsh household….(See 90210). Other than that. I am looking forward to this little 3 day weekend. I may do a little last minute bike riding, some coding, cleaning, and sourcing.
“Sourcing?” you say? Yeah. I’m in the market people. The market for 27mm bouncy balls. You can buy a nice lot (4,000) for about $170. What am I going to do with them? I thought about taking the cliche route of doing some hip pointillist mural in between glass and wood, but that was far too over done. I will brainstorm.




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