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Busy Times ahead…

By September 16, 2009No Comments

With the holiday season drifting closer, all of the brands that I work with are ramping up for new products, expansions of existing lines, and revising old stuff. It is nice to be busy here.

One thing I do like, however, when it is kind of slow, is just seeping myself in design blogs, learning about new technology. It is a nice way of investing in myself.

Recently, I’ve linked my twitter to my facebook account. People assume that as I update, that it is coming from a facebook update. I may have to turn that off, as I am almost never on FB. Also, it is kinda funny how people who I haven’t talked to in like 10 years or more are popping up and saying hi finding me through all of my recent activity. Makes me feel a little nostalgic for Michigan and Pittsburgh. I kinda miss being in my friend’s Oldsmobile with freezing seats listening to Brick by Ben Folds or Wait by Huffamoose. Good days. (Side note-My VFB in VRAY is taking FOREVER today, ugh). I can’t wait to come home for Christmas and see some peeps. This year has been, as expected, pretty rocky. However, now with my happy head here in PDX, I’ve really learned to deal with the hard times a lot more constructively. Dealing with myself more than anything.  I’m learning that I can be pretty ridiculous. Well, I should prefix that with I’ve been learning; but yeah. My favorite part of the fall/winter season here is being able to watch the traffic downtown from my office window. I can see all the way down Broadway. As the sun sets, the road is illuminated by the passing traffic. I usually listen to some Nick Drake, Sarah McLachlan, or Esthero and wonder what people are thinking about in their cars.

Lesa made some awesome enchiladas last night. It was cute. She had a hard time wrapping the tortillas so it wound up more like a lasagna. It must be her Italian side shining through.

This weekend we are renting out a beach house on the south coast. I can’t wait to smell the air out there. Drink some tea. Draw. All good things.



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