Holy Busy Batman!

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Long  time, no update. Sorry about that. As the holiday comes close, so do brands launching new products, and new displays that need to be brought to be.

These past 2 months have been completely consumed with Microsoft, Nike, Callaway, Sprint, and of course Nike.

My good buddy R. Tipton and I have been in the trenches working through the international toolkit for Chris Paul III, LeBron VII, and all that good stuff. The thing I love about Nike is at least the feedback comes with some grain of reality/crystallization of tangible push back.

And then there’s good old Microsoft. Cans of carbonated water promoting image based search engines meet receptionists that can’t spell your name…even when you give them your ID.

I can’t tell you what I am working on, but I can tell you it is so classified, that you can go to their website and find out all about it.

If you go into a Sprint store, you’ll see the display I worked on with Ryan Gorham of Sprint. He is a super awesome dude and a great collaborator.

No time or interest to spend talking about the Callaway work. One day I am sure…but not today.

So that is work. On to home-

Home is good. I am staying in PDX for the Thanksgiving as part of my cease fire agreement between Dadistan and Lisareal. Every other year, I go home. As for Christmas, well…Dadistan gets his boy for the Christmasii. I’ve been going to a lot of lectures this autumn. Micheal Curry, 3by10 by IDSA, and just got back tonight from a live reading of Douglas Coupland’s new book Generation A. That man is hilarious and looks like a cousin of my dad…now that I am googling his face, I can’t find one to do a side by side. Perhaps it was the lighting and my homesickness…;)

I’ve made some new and awesome friends in the last month too. That girl from the plane in the previous post? We went out for chocolate and she took me to Powell’s for the reading. I also started talking to a very nice peep-Carl Alviani, editorial director for We met briefly at the last 3by10 and are both on the advisory committee for the Art Institute of Portland. Also-we both are pimps…you should know that in case I ask you were my money is.

I’ve been slowly working through learning Processing a little more proper like, with books, and notes, and exercises, but these last couple weeks have been consumed by re-installments of 90210 and my digital crack of Borderlands. Fallout meets Halo meets Marvel Comics. I love it.

A bit about the alarm clock that Lesa bought me for my birthday. Since the music fades up slowly, it is way easier for me to get up in the morning. I combine that with a 630 am alarm and I am at Peet’s coffee doodling and reading by 7. That gives me a full hour and a half added to my day as I am still going to bed by midnight. Add that over a year annnnd you get 22.8125 extra days of awake time in a year! Almost a freaking MONTH! I am using my ‘month’ off to help me draw better, read more, and absorb some more awake time to just be better. Today I slacked off though. I wound up sleeping from 10:30p to 10:30a. I never said I was perfect, just awesome.

Alright. It is 10p on a Sunday, which means I should probably get ready for the week and get some clothes out for tomorrow. Fun Fun!

I’ll write a little more often next time…promise.



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