Convergence of Skillsets

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As I’ve said in the past couple posts, I’ve been doodling a lot lately. I’ve also been coding, rendering, modeling, dreaming, and listening. My ears have been taken over by a lot of ambient songs; mostly Tycho’s- Coastal Brake, Solar Fields, and Carbon Based Lifeforms. Mix this with lucid nights thinking of how your eyes really see blurred lights vs the recent trend of ‘bokeh’ in every media channel, what does music look like to a baby in utero, stalking my passions like a lion in tall grass.


I’ve taken it upon myself to really assess what my temperature levels are on any given day as far as temperament and emotional symbiont balance. The other day I was on a conference call with a dozen or so people and wound up blowing up at a co-worker. I was able, at the same time , to watch my physical change as this was happening. My body got so tense, that I had to stand up and walk around the office while on the call. Normally, as far as being prompted to explode, I am like a grass reed that just flexes with the wind. It could be chemical, it could be intolerance for disrespect, or it could just be my own disability to put things into context. I’m not sure. I did feel bad though after all was said and done. I don’t like loosing my cool…especially when I do it and direct it at a fellow human being. We’re all just trying to live, yeah?

On a more positive note, I got the Sprint production photos back from the photographer – Michael Floyd. Super cool dude. We met up, along with the Sprint account manager at the store and I directed the shots. Some will be posted shortly on I’ll make a case study in the next few days for my website. Stay tuned for that.

Today, in a bit, I’m going to run over to Goodwill to buy some shitty art. My airplane friend Rachel is holding a ShArty at her house. Shitty Art Party-You buy shitty art, and try by whatever means to make it worse. My good friend iLan lived at a house where they did this up in Seattle. I love the idea. It is probably the only kind of party that I could go to and not feel socially awkward. I will be sure to take photos by the end of the night…some before and after pictures for sure. 8)

Reader Poll-Do you drink hot tea at home? If so, what do you dislike about your kettle design? What do you like? Do you drink tea for some sense of comfort, medicinal, nostalgic reason? Let me know!




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