Indexhibit, Processing, Momentum

Recently, I’ve jumped the train to indexhibit town. The problem being that I am a very impatient person, I tend to rapidly delete files without question and wind up causing a lot of knots in my hair, and sometimes others.

Going back for a minute to good old project Synesthesia. John Locke, an architect in NY had conveniently already did this code. He graciously gave me the source code to mess with. I’m going to be syncing the line-in to the output of the audio analysis so it isn’t file dependent. Right now it is referencing the minim library. This is fine, but because I am impulsively brand loyal, I will be using the Sonia Sound Library. More importantly, because I want to be able to control the number of analysis channels. (my V spans for the final purpose…speaking UVW).

Combining this with a ton of random doodles. I am filling up nicely this winter with creative momentum. I hope to spend a fair chunk of time in Michigan drawing at a coffee shop and voice recording thoughts. We’ll see what happens.