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Getting to know me…

By January 10, 2010January 15th, 20102 Comments

So I thought I’d textually vomit some fun facts about myself, as I am looking to open up a little more this year to the human race.


  • washing my hands in warm water-It is like a hug for my hands
  • vegetarian dishes
  • ultra meaty dishes
  • floor napping
  • lasers
  • robots
  • collecting dust bunnies in swooping hand motions
  • drawing congruent triangles
  • climbing things unnecessarily-such as a half wall in mid-walk…ya know, just to mix it up a little.
  • driving at night listening to jazz that I think my dad might like with the window down; especially if there is no particular destination
  • walking in mud
  • puddle jumping
  • the duality of heart and earth by moving the ‘h’
  • 1950’s era sci-fi styling
  • really salty ham
  • watches and wallets
  • my eternal struggle with coming to terms with gaining control of surrendering control in life
  • I secretly enjoy my social awkwardness…it makes me who I am
  • artists that aren’t afraid to not use gradients when illustrating shadows…*see animation styling.
  • the process of mental evolution
  • being a glutton
  • cross hatching to the point of ruining the drawing
  • rubbing my face
  • cutting construction paper
  • unnecessarily shiny surfaces
  • Rocco’s employee that blesses my food before I eat it with a magical wave of his hand
  • the shape of cartoon hearts…I find them strangely erotic
  • icy cold water to drink
  • water that has been sitting out to drink
  • ripping off my toenails
  • kicking gathered snow out of wheel wells of cars-even better if it breaks off in huge chunks
  • getting the impression of carpet in my face when floor napping
  • thick yarn


  • dropping my keys
  • pre-frothed hand soap…seriously…what is up with that…are we really that lazy?
  • intolerance on any level
  • Rob Lowe
  • C and D cell batteries
  • lemon flavoring-except lemon heads; those are okay
  • planned obsolescence
  • ‘mingling’
  • ‘double butt’-ask me to draw it for you sometime
  • zip-lock baggies
  • breaking my shoelace
  • pickle boy (ask me)
  • Hunan Restaurant-Can’t tell if I’m in it or not…I can explain
  • UPS Guy (again…ask me)
  • thinking I’m going to fold corrugated cardboard with the flutes, and wind up going against the flutes…*grrr
  • cell phone videos
  • brown glass-there is an exception to this which is that if it contains root beer, I can deal with it
  • shallow jean pockets

I’ve just exhausted myself. I’m sure I’ll think of more later.






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