Internal analysis


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Last night I met my counsellor for the first time. Nice lady, interesting choice of art.

It is an interesting thing; the human condition. I’ve prided myself on trying to be as uninhibited with ‘self-truths’ as one can possibly be.When I see something is wrong, “wrong” even, I try and call it out to make it right; “right” even. People need honesty. People don’t like honesty sometimes, but they need it. They need it the same way they need to know that they are being listened to when they express themselves or when they feel the need to outlet the perpetual well that is their minds. Thank goodness for journals, blogs, diaries, etc. I just hope that one day those sorts of truths that I’ve expressed in my life will be looked back on with a sense of structure and habitual nature. Otherwise, what is the point right?

In March I’m going to Japan for Japan Shop, a retail exhibitor conference that will have many vendors available to teach and inform me of new materials, processes, and security devices that I may not have known existed otherwise. It will be good to get out of the country for a minute. In April, I am going to attend the 99% conference in NY. It will be great to have an application and a theory type of conference that close together. It will put one into the other as far as context is concerned. 2010. Quite a spatial odyssey indeed.

I am really curious to see how this year unfolds. Robots? Code? Painting?

Today was a day and a half…maybe even 2.



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