Verbal Cocktail

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By February 21, 2010No Comments

I’ve noticed something interesting. Something my counselor might call selective compartmentalization through internal auto-didactic function.

Mouth-full yeah. Regardless.

I picked up my guitar again. I picked up my paint brush again. I picked up my cutting board again.

I’ve been doing a ton of quick photoshop illustrations to ‘check my buff’ and see how my understanding of form is holding up. I don’t normally draw in the computer environment as there is something to be said about old school media. Not that PS doesn’t have its place. I just enjoy the tangible sensation of creating with wet/dry media.

I am trying to improve and true-out my interests through practicing the things I enjoy.  It felt like a bizarre feat to successfully strum out some Segovia-esque rhythms and have it sound half decent. I listened to him a lot today while walking.

Today our landlady was showing the condo to perspective tenants so I had to be scarce. I got up this morning and walked to get some coffee. After that, I walked all the way over to the foot of OHSU and looked at the homes that were for sale. I don’t really have 1.2 million dollars, but I can enjoy the thought of that view. Holy crap.

Eventually my legs took me to the office and I did a little work before retreating to Backspace for some lunch (Intermittently perusing the awesome art that is up over at Compound). I recommend the “My Sweetheart Salad”; I’ve never had heart of palm before. Tasty! Then I walked through the Lloyd Center Mall before taking refuge in the park where I sat for the better part of 2 hours just enjoying the sun and the music that filled my head. This was concluded with a viewing of Shutter Island. I must say, this was a better flick than I anticipated.

Now I am home, typing, digesting AWESOME leftover mushroom soup from yesterday. I must say, this is a great recipe!

Tomorrow I have to get up early for my dentist appointment (10 years since last check up) eek!

Have a splendid evening kiddos.




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