Stinting through time

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This past weekend, I went up to Seattle to play with my good friend iLan and his amazing fiance Vanessa. I love them both and would murder you if you ever wronged them.

I came in at about 915ish in the evening. Sheila, iLan’s space heater, greeted me with a hot blow. I was instantly relaxed. After V went to bed iLan and I went to Safeway for energy drinks, a habanero pepper,  random sale items, and Yoohoo. He informed me that he is the proud owner of a carbonizer. Needless to say, we immediately carbonated the Yoohoo. Not exactly the best, but still a little bit of tingles. We sat and talked on his couch till four in the morning about life, love, and all things in between. It was wonderful.

In the morning, after the best sleep I’ve had in a couple months, we went to Costco to visit V at work, drop some stuff off, and then roam the food aisles for samples and price ogling. After a bit we came back to the house and chilled out. Soon enough, V was off work, and we went to 5 Spot for brunch. I had a great forest scramble and some coffee. I really recommend that place to anyone visiting to the Pacific north-west. During brunch, iLan asked me if I would officiate the wedding. I was really flattered and accepted the duties immediately. I’m going to have to spit-polish the little Hebrew I know as iLan requested I sing some traditional Jewish songs. Oy vey.

In the evening, we wound up meeting up with my good friend Joerael Elliot and surprising him with me. He didn’t know I was in town and we haven’t talked/seen each other in about 3 years. Crazy. I love that guy. So we caught up, at Shorty’s bar…another awesome spot. I met his wonderful girlfriend and spent a large chunk of time talking to this cellist Nancy. (EEK…I hope I got that right! Memory is a little fuzzy)…anywho very cool peep. I tried talking her into moving to Portland and being my friend. She lives in Jerome, AZ…my condolences.

After a great night of chatting, we came home, I passed out, and the day was over. Sunday, iLan made breakfast bagels, we ate at Red Mill Burgers. Holy shit you have to try the onion rings. I got a sandwich for my trek home too. At a certain point, as the day’s timeline was a little convoluted, iLan and I ate the habanero…who need drugs? That thing was crazy hot…I felt it move through my digestive system, only to wind up making porcelain violence later in the day…whew. I drove home after a quick couple stops downtown. I got home around 6, did some laundry and enjoyed the rest of my evening before the week started again.

Tomorrow I am going to see Roger Martin at Ziba talk about his book The Design of Business. That should make for some great brain candy.

Nighty taters.




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