A Move and New York

By April 25, 20102 Comments

OK. So now I’m back from Japan. What should I do? I know. I’ll finally deal with moving out of my place. What’s that? I only have 2 weeks to do it? Party on!

So the first week is spent hum-drumming along on craigslist and the like. I was getting nowhere fast. Finally I decided that a more analog approach would be good. I walked south out my house and within 15 minutes of walking saw a small building on Everett with a ‘Studio for Rent’ sign. I called the number, was shown the place, and within 25 minutes had my deposit down. Moral of the story–don’t forget that even though the computer is extraordinarily powerful for networking, real organic interactions with the world around you can yield some pretty incredible results.

I spent the the next couple weeks at my leisure moving things in. April 1, I was all moved in and totally beat. Work blew up with some pretty fantastic clients and I had zero time to really settle in. Then, within a a couple weeks, I had to take a trip to New York for the 99% conference. ( It was a great trip. The Tuesday I came in, I came to the Aka Times Square Hotel. A pretty sweet suite.

Anyhow. The conference was great. Jack Dorsey can’t draw. Stefan Segmeister’s accent in real life sounds like someone who knows how to professionally torture people. But more relevantly, ideas are great and execution takes time to learn. You can read the recap on their site.

The next day, I went to MOMA for the Tim Burton show, ate at S’Mac, and got a full tour of the photography and PR department of Showtime thanks to my old friend Rick. Walked out with some great swag. My feet are still a little sore from all of the walking.

The full batch of photos can be seen over here.

I left on Saturday after much food and travel, I’m now back in Portland with a weekend to relax. Yesterday I bought a kite. Its name is Carlos. I flew him after a fabulous breakfast at Screen Door on Burnside. Oh! And! Saw my good friend Tad from Phoenix. He cut my hairs….see?:

I’m very happy to be home and have an uneventful weekend to myself. Silence and blogging. *sigh of whimsy*

Next up: My new place. ~maybe I’ll write this next weekend.




  • Miranda says:

    loving the new look of the place!! maybe one day adam and I will visit!

  • Rebekah Villon says:

    Just a note to say that scoping a building you like and calling the number on the sign is by far the best way to get an apartment. You’re essentially pre-selecting for location, environment, architecture, and so on, which gives you a clear advantage over craigslist.

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