The New Dwelling

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As I write this, I am watching one of the most ridiculous movies. “Doomsday” horrible flick. Anyhow.

At the end of March I started moving my things in to the new studio. The term ‘studio’ has such a sexy appeal before you actually move into one. With that terse statement out of the way, I must say I really am enjoying my new place. The new …OK…armor clad knights?…it has only been 25 years since the virus broke out…GUH this movie sucks…*ahem*…the new space is much smaller, but then again, it is only for one person with very few belongings. So I find it very appropriate.

More photos can be seen here in the flickr set.

Staying in the north east quadrant of the city was an appeal for me as I’ve fallen in love with it. I am literally 3 blocks from Burnside and a minute walk from a great coffee shop called Spunky Monkey. They feature their own brewed coffee, weekend waffles, and free internet (a huge plus for yours truly). A very friendly staff is matched only by the awesome baked goods and sandwiches that you would kill your family for…I recommend the sandwich affectionately called Charlotte’s Lament.

Seven blocks north of my new place is a lethal combination of DaVinci Arts Middle School and Steccato Gelato. I am stoked about the middle school as it has a great field for flying kites and playing games. Gelato is gelato.

I am now also much closer to Laurelhurst Park which I discovered this weekend. Aside from the pond algae problem I read about, it is quite a beautiful place to read, eat, and relax on these wonderful days Portland is experiencing.

As far as the work commute, I am now back in bike riding season, so it is pretty easy to coast down Sandy, to the new Sandy/Couch coupling project (nice work by the way Sam Adams), and ease down Burnside to the office just a proud 3 blocks south from there. In September iDL Worldwide is moving to a great new building in the park blocks in the Pearl District. This will be great as then I will be able to practically spit on Powell’s Technical Bookstore. I won’t spit on it though; however, I will buy copious amounts of math/science/and technical books. 🙂

This is a good new place. I am pretty sure I will be here for a bit while I save for something a little more permanent.




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