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Spunky Monkey Junky

By May 29, 2010No Comments

My home base on the weekend where I share smiles, waffles, and some kick-ass french press coffee is Spunky Monkey. Located on the corner of NE 20th and Couch, this fine establishment used to be known as Ruby’s, has the perfect location in walking distance from my house. I can wake in the morning on Saturday’s and Sunday’s and count on kind baristas with no ego to make me a killer Charlotte’s Lament or a Conspiracy of Consciousness sandwich accompanied by a fine pull of espresso or an Italian soda.

The prices are just right and an ambiance created by Nick Drake and other wonderful folk musicians. The drive through in the back is signaled by a “Honk Clown Horn for Service” sign.

I’d go into some glamor shots of food and espresso, however, this is a place you just need to come to in order to really appreciate the holistic experience it offers along with free WiFi (on which I write my blogs lately) 🙂

So if you are ever in the neighborhood and are looking for a wonderful place to sit, relax, drink some Joe and have a smile. I really do recommend you give this place a chance.

You can follow them on Twitter- @SpunkyPDX

You can also visit them on the web at- http://www.monkeyroasters.com/

Have a wonderful and safe weekend folks.





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