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A Bridge of Balanced Spoons

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My tendencies are daunting and precarious. Like most.

Marney told me that it typically takes about 6 months of repetition to make or break a habit.

With that, can a life that is to be built on spontaneous experiences, after a while become a paradox? I’ve made a point in the last 8 months of this year to follow my breath out of my mouth and see where it takes me. This has been a hell of a year because of that mantra.

Friday I went to Mississippi Pizza Pub on Mississippi Ave. to see my friend Jonathan’s band play. (East Pete) I became camera and sound guy, recording the songs to Jonathan’s iPhone. My friend from New York came to hang for a bit as well as my ex, Lesamonster and Rachel showed up too! It was pretty great. After the show, Rachel and I drove to CineMagic to try and catch Inception. I’ve seen it twice already, but promised the RC that I’d take her too. We missed the start by about half an hour so we went back to my studio to watch The Men Who Stare at Goats. When I got to the front door of my building I noticed a plush lunch bag with a note. It looked like one of those catering bags that delivery guys sometimes have. Jokingly, I said to Rachel, “We should steal it and have some free dinner!” I nonchalantly ripped the note from the bag to check the name of the catering company. It read, “For Reverend Sir Gabriel Vincent Gingermeister”…bedazzled! With haste, I opened the bag to see what was inside, and to my delight, a wonderful someone had left me oatmeal raisin cookies! I was thrilled. THRILLED. The cookies were fantastic and made for good movie watching gnosh. They were from my friend Brittany. She is a very awesome and tidy woman.

I reheated some Cambodian curry that Brittany and I had made from a night former. Cooked up some extra cod for the curry and talked with RC while I cooked. We talked briefly about this year and how I feel I’ve changed. It was punctuated by Rachel saying I am “a man of action.” I was flattered.

The movie was bizarre. I don’t know if I mean that in a good way or not. I had to watch it a couple more times to get it. Even now I’m still struggling. I did find it humorous how similar young Clooney and Javier Bardem in No Country for Old Men look alike:

Yesterday, I met up with Jonathan, Kevin, and Greg from East Pete. We hung out on Mt. Tabor for the Portland Adult Soap Box Derby. I found a nice shady spot for us to eat, tell jokes, and ogle the carts as they sped by. Squid Vicious got some sweet pictures. So I’ll just let him be your conduit for that –> Squid’s Flickr Set

Afterward, we took the bikes down to Hawthorne for lunch. We wound up at Cup and Saucer while Greg tried to donate blood across the street at the Pint for Pint at Ben and Jerry’s. He just got back from South East Asia, so he wasn’t allowed to give…but still got his voucher. So …HINT HINT…

We then rode down to the water front to hit up the OMSI as it was free this weekend thanks to a grant from Fred Meyer. You should check it out this weekend! The ancillary sights, e.g., the sub, the planetarium, and omnimax are still accessible via discounted rate…but still in this heat, a giant science center that is air-conditioned is the place to be.

Afterwards, we rode back up Hawthorne to get me a Slurpee and deliberated on seeing Inception…the guys weren’t feeling it, so we went our separate ways. I wound up falling asleep on my floor with the fan blowing hot air on me. It was an awesome day.

Today, I’m getting ready to go check out the 17th Annual Hawthorne Street Fair and possibly go find some place to get wet. I hope I see you there!




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