February was an intense month for me, right up until the very last day. Here are some of the things that happened/I accomplished:

  • I obtained glasses.
  • I had my bottom wisdom teeth out.
  • I learned that ‘dry socket’ is very painful.
  • I made new business cards.
  • I bought a new phone.
  • I was in a car accident.
  • I had a full physical complete with full pathology.
  • I sold a ton of books on Amazon.com.
  • I developed and am in prototype phase of a new product design.
  • I went on a week cleanse.
  • I went to the Portland Rock Gym every week minus 1.
  • I graduated Salsa 2 class.
  • I launched an LLC.

It was a full month. It was a month leading to something that was out of my hands.

After over 4 amazing years at IDL my time has ended with the company. I leave the company in good relations and look forward to doing contract work from time to time as projects allow.

I spent the first day of this month sorting through scores of sketches and labeling them either work doodles/concept sketches/portfolio renders.


Sketches to sort

After going through the sketches, I spent a good portion of my afternoon scanning, cropping, and color correcting before finishing up. Now that it is all digitized, I threw out every last jot.  It was liberating to not have to worry about it. Afterwards, I passed out.

The next day, I got up early and took my van to the appraisers and walked home. On the way, I stopped by Kate O’Briens for their breakfast special: $3.25 for 3 eggs, toast, and hash browns. Good food for a bar at 9:30 in the morning.

I’m sure you’re asking yourself, “What’s next?”…and if you’re not, shame on you.

Since 2003 I’ve been doing all of my design freelance work under the guise of “Con Cor Design Group”. In mid-February, I made it official. Con Cor Design Group, LLC. is in business. The site will be launched in a bit. For now, as I’ve had it up for 5 years, It is strictly in place-holder mode. (www.concor-id.com) In a few short weeks, I’ll have it up and running. Granted, it will be not much more than it is now, except more contact information and some glamor shots of some of the work I’ve been doing behind closed doors.

Tomorrow I go to Xplane to participate in their public VTS session (Visual Thinking School) and then will be enjoying another evening of regional cooking with my wonderful girlfriend. This time we are doing Spain. Should be fun.

“Iam Est.”





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