Verbal Cocktail


By March 28, 2011April 4th, 20112 Comments

The month is coming to a close and this is what was just on my screen.

The game is called Entanglement. I kind of like the metaphor this creates as a reflection of my month; twisty and turney…If you’d like to play Entanglement , click here.

A lot has happened this month:

  • I got my Con Cor business cards from…again.
  • I designed the Website (Yes…still in development. Should be up soon. It looks sweet, I promiseIts up! CCDG’s website).
  • I revised my personal site to be much cleaner as well as the rest of my presence on the internet.
  • I went hiking to some hot springs.
  • I went to an awesome wedding.
  • I bought my tickets for Shenzhen, China. (May 9th to the 20th) I can’t WAIT to see my friends Brett and Keri…it has been far too long and a couple weeks worth of time with them will make me very happy. Plus it will make for some good product vendor research.
  • Con Cor Design Group did some work for IDL Worldwide
  • I’ve been developing some concept art for a video game.
  • I cooked Ghanaian food with my girlfriend.
  • I cooked Spanish food with my girlfriend.
  • The Frientity came down and hung out for a weekend.
  • Quite a few chiropractic exams from the accident.
  • I survived my first month away from the job I knew.
  • I did some excellent organizing of my music collection which is still in flux.
  • I went to a ton of design studios to engage introductions.
  • I really don’t like using bullets in blogs…but for this transition, it is legit…right?

Tomorrow I’m doing a little photography work, renewing my Chinese visa, working on a project for late April delivery and getting some paperwork squared up.

Things are moving along quite well.





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