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Week 3 of development started yesterday with a trip to Bagby Hot Springs with the girlfriend.

I drove us out and we hiked through the woods for about 1.4 miles and found we almost had the entire place to ourselves outside of a man in one of the public tubs. We stayed for a about 2 hours before hiking back and driving home.

This week was preceded by a lot of social time. Last Thursday we were treated to the 3rd birthday party for Lovejoy Food. Hosted by Jo and Tony. It was a really wonderful time with some of the best ice cream I’ve had in my life. It is a shame they’ve decided to stop deliveries. From a business perspective though, it makes sense.

Friday night we had the “Open Shackles” party at East Burn celebrating the girlfriend’s leave from grad school and my new found career trajectory. About 30 people wound up coming out including my dear friends from Seattle, iLan and Vanessa. It was a great time and multi-player Pac-Man is really fun.

Waiting for food.

Saturday morning we waited for-freaking-ever for a space at Slappy Cakes with iLan and Vanessa. Finally we were seated and had great conversations and tasty, but not Earth-shaking food…but it was nice to hang out. After breakfast, we went and played some laser tag at Ultrazone…thanks Groupon! I got 3rd of 17 people. Our team kicked *ss. We finished up the mid-afternoon with a trip to the produce market and some smiles. iLan and Vanessa went exploring on their own for a bit and GF and I went walking and napped a little.  Later that night, we watched a movie (Code 46 has a great score. You should buy it on iTunes right now) and ate olives and cheese and enjoyed a nice warm fire smokey living room thanks to my awesome fire building smoke making skills.

Sunday we went to Kettleman’s Bagels for some breakfast and then iLan and Vanessa departed. GF and I went our separate ways for the evening and I continued work on Con Cor Design Group’s website. It is now being coded as I type and should be up within a week or so.

Which brings us back to Monday in the Hot Springs. It was a really nice 5  days of relaxing and working. I’ve got a few projects that I will be tending to in the next week.

Slow burn…let’s hope it makes fire.





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