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I’ve received a few messages about the header that I’m using on my site. I thought I’d take a moment to explain what the iconography is all about.

This blog started at the end of 2007 as a dovetail to the blogs I used to write on that site we all used to know and love until, as James Owen described it, “It was like a bar a 2 a.m. with the “ugly lights” on.” and the mass exodus began.

I felt that it was as good as anytime to legitimize the blog and create a little more structure around my writing. This became a great format for me to take notes at the Cre8Camps, Portland Creative Conference, 99% Conference, Japan Shop, etc. Also, it was a great place for me to talk about food, gadgets, personal challenges and conquests.

This past year I’ve done a TON of personal maintenance and after discovering Ev Bogue’s site (now forwards to his new site I decided it was time to step up my life in various ways.  This included cleaning up the lanes about what I’m passionate about.

The lanes became very clear:

I also put these icons on the back of my business cards as conversation starter and to present the idea of helping people get out of their typical niche. We love to talk about what we know and love. This is an addictive habit. I work hard to spread myself across many lanes to immerse myself into new ideas and ways about thinking about life.

In Glimmer, Warren Berger discusses the idea of designers ‘jumping fences’ to hopscotch around various existing solutions to create new solutions. It is this sort of assemblage sort of thinking that is where my brain is happiest. I look for connections in what I know to solve what I don’t. I suppose you can add that to the list of design principles that I live by.

So now you know…:)




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