Diamond Thai cuts like a knife…a plastic butter knife.

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Today I decided to try the next food cart on my list: Diamond Thai.

After scanning the 5 page menu of great selections, I went with my standby of pahd see ew…because no observation is useful without a control, right?

Pahd See Ew

The veggies were dynamite. Really fresh, good crunch. The noodles, however, tasted as though they had been sitting out for a while and the meal didn’t really have any specific outstanding flavor. There wasn’t any spiciness either. This was a let down as I like to be a sniveling pile of man when I finish eating this meal. 6/10 finger-lickin’s. On the upside, the guy forgot to give me correct change, and then almost immediately corrected himself. Really friendly. I may give this cart another chance in the future by following their recommendation on a dish. I still have hope for them!

Tomorrow I’ll be working with my head down, so I won’t be reviewing any dishes. Check back Wednesday afternoon for my review of Viking Soul Food Cart!




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