At Con Cor Design Group, I’m working on 2 furniture lines called F.L.Y. By Day and F.L.Y. By Night. F.L.Y. stands for For Living Youthfully. The idea of the line is to create a line of furniture that reminds adults (and kids alike) that ‘play’ is such a critical part of mental development and continues on into adulthood. Through a less serious approach to furniture design that doesn’t rely on a Baroque visual weight, I’m coming up with some playful forms and proportions.

The 2 lines of furniture are designed with a simple idea in mind: Have fun! The differentiation between the two can be seen in the structural composition and material finish. For example, the F.L.Y. Night Chair as seen below uses hard lines, square tubular steel, a glossy black powder coat finish and napped suede seat:


Alternately, dyed nylon over tubular steel with softer curves, the F.L.Y. By Day line is much lighter in  form and finish. The F.L.Y. Bench is a perfect example of this idea, taking visual cues from children’s’ playground equipment and movement:

As both lines develop, I’ll be working with a local manufacturer to offer a full catalog that will eventually evolve into 2 additional lines…but I’ll be keeping that part under my hat for now.



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