Girl Friday Bakery cart review

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The prior post was all about my lunch today. What lunch would be without a tasty desert?

The owner Jan greeted me with a, “There he is!” as I approached the window. We spoke briefly  in the food court the day before while I waited for my ‘panini weenie’. She was looking forward to me coming over and trying some of her treats. She recommended that I start with the cupcake.


The sea salt in the frosting was a really awesome texture and countered the sweetness of the cupcake. I’ll be honest, I usually buy cupcakes for the sole reason for doing the frosting like some sort of shot. The frosting was very light. It was actually kind of hard to discern whether or not this was a butter cream or cream cheese frosting. Either way, it was a very tasty treat. The cake itself was light and spongy and not too sweet. My only criticism is that it may have been a little too light as the weight of the frosting negated the structural integrity of the cake leaving me with a little more mess than I’d like. Otherwise, well done. At $2 a cupcake I give this treat  6/10 finger-lickins. I’m looking forward to coming back for some of her cheese cake! You can check out the Girl Friday Bakery website here.

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Monday, I’ll be reviewing the unnamed soup cart that stands next to Bailey’s Gourmet Hot Dogs.

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