Verbal Cocktail


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This past Saturday was GORGEOUS here in Portland. From some of my friends across the country, I heard it was pretty awesome everywhere.

I woke up a little early and went to breakfast at Beulahland. I’m not a huge fan of their food, but its distance is just far enough from my house to inspire me to fill the tires on my bike and take a short ride. After the breakfast, I rode around for about 45 minutes at Laurelhurst park and all around Kerns neighborhood.

I came home and opened all of the windows in my house and let the sun pour through the studio. I called my friend Rachel to see what she was up to. We made plans to meet up for lunch over at the Portland Farmers Market. We ate at my friend’s booth LoveJoy Food. They are amazing at creating delicious food. Seriously. If you are ever there, they are 3-4 spaces down from Spunky Monkey’s space.

When lunch was done, we walked a little bit around the market before I rode home. I got home and met up with my lovely girlfriend for backyard hula-hooping at our friends house.

My hula thrust

After a few hours of lounging in the yard, we commuted to the Roller Derby at the Memorial Coliseum. I’ve never been to a roller derby, nor have I been to the Memorial Coliseum. I was good for about 2 matches and then my attention started to wane. We stayed there until about quarter to ten before heading out. I was dropped off at my van and then drove home. I came home and scarfed down some soup and a sandwich before picking my bike back up and riding down to Plan B to see Weekend Assembly (formerly East Pete). It was great to see all of the old members still playing together aside from Jonathan Yeager and Bekah Simpson who were MIA. Jonathan moved back to East Petersburg, PA and Bekah…? Good times.

I rode back home, parked my at the foot of my bed, laid down and passed out. What a day!




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