Slip Valet by Con Cor Design Group

Slip Valet is “an accessory valet designed for a simpler and more elegant means of storing everyday personal accessories at home or at the office.“-taken from CCDG website.

Slip Valet by CCDG

The idea was very simple–Reduce the idea of storing your daily personal effects in a clean unobtrusive manner.

I also really wanted the installation to be as fool-proof as possible. The easiest way I could think of doing this was with an extrusion with laser-etched instructions on the bottom. The form had to be rather invisible so it would disappear and all you are left with is a tidy and simple spot to place your things.

Installation diagram

I received the prototypes that I had made very quickly and they worked just as I had hoped.

Prototypes received

I’m currently working with a few vendors on pricing and executing the finished part. When I head off to China next month, I’m hoping to talk to a few addition vendors to talk about packaging and such.