Speedi Gourmet Cart Review

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This morning on my daily walk to Spunky Monkey I spotted a new cart in the Green Castle Food Court. “Speedi Gourmet” was appropriately written hastefully on a white board outside the courtyard. Beneath the name was ‘Coffee: $1’ and ‘Breakfast Burrito: $3.50‘ $4.00 now. I decided on my way back from coffee to check out the burrito.


Don’t let the simplicity deceive you

After about two delicious bites in, I figured I should probably get a shot of the filling before I suck this thing down too quick. So in mid-burrito I was able to capture the potato, egg, sausage, and salsa filling.

This puppy was tasty! AND I’d say for the price of $3.50 $4.00 it was WELL worth it. The egg had some kind of special secret in there. I tasted, I think, some garlic and black pepper but I’d rather not know the magic. 7.5/10 finger-lickin’s!

They will be having early hours for all of you commuters in the AM. Open 7:30am most days. I’m looking forward to coming back to try their soup selection for lunch sometime. AND they told me they are going to do a limited “All you can eat pancakes” time soon! So keep that in mind…I know I will!





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