Sprint MiFi Fixture

I had the privilege to work with designer Ryan Gorham of Sprint while I was at IDL.

Together we designed the Sprint MiFi fixture that you see in stores now:

Sprint MiFi Fixture


One of my favorite features of this display is the magnetic registration on the shelf that carries the product. We created a steel plate that has studs every inch that register with the acrylic product holder’s mating magnets. It creates a simple yet highly effective way of controlling the product within the space while staying invisible to the customers.

Below are a few of my Photoshop concept drawings that I did while working through this design:

It was a great exploration experience. The project took about 1 month to make and involved many hours by many talented individuals. Prototypes, really awesome engineering and great one on one time drawing with the client. I hope to do more of this more intimate design exploration on some of the product designs that I’m working on!